Tim_medTim Dean is an award winning science and philosophy writer and editor with over 16 years experience in print, online, radio and television. He is currently the section editor for Science + Technology at The Conversation.

He was formerly the editor of Australian Life ScientistCosmos and PC & Tech Authority, and his work has appeared in titles such as New Scientist, New Philosopher, Cosmos, Popular Science, The Conversation, the ABC’s Drum and Religion and Ethics, and on Channel 10′s The Project, among many other outlets.

He has been a radio DJ and announcer on Sydney community station FBi Radio and spent several years as the tech guy on Sydney’s top rating station 2GB.

He is the editor-in-chief of Wonder, a website that celebrates the power of science and the natural world to inspire awe and, indeed, wonder. He is also the founder and co-convener of philosophy discussion group Socrates Café Sydney, which now has over 1600 members across the city.

He is an award winning public speaker and has given talks on philosophy and atheism for the Union, University & Schools Club, PhiloAgora, the Australian Skeptics and at the Secular Party of Australia.

Tim is also a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales with a focus on morality, evolution, philosophy of biology, cognition and religion/atheism. You can read about his thesis on his popular philosophy blog, Ockham’s Beard.

Tim is available for writing and editing work, particularly in the science and philosophy space. He is also available for copywriting particularly in life sciences and biotechnology. He can give analysis of current affairs with a philosophical tilt for radio and television, and is available to talk on a wide range of philosophical or scientific topics. You can email him on tim.dean at And you can follow him on Twitter via the handle @ockhamsbeard.

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